Silver Spoon 'The Monster' 2019 Shiraz

Powerful, complex, spicy, rich, mouth coating, blood plum, dark chocolate, cedarwood, well balanced and 16.8% alcohol – everything that makes our Monster Shiraz a favourite with our Wine Lovers of a big bold Heathcote Shiraz.

Variety: 100% Shiraz
Vintage: 2019
Vineyard Location: North west vineyards
Geology / Soil Profile: Deep, red rocky clay loam (derived from Cambrian Rock)
Viticulture Practices: Un-irrigated vineyards, zero tillage, grass sward between rows, cane pruned
Yields: 1.0 tonne/acre
Alcohol: 16.8%

2019 Vintage Notes: The 2019 vintage was a very hot season throughout February and March during harvest and having a dry-grown vineyard there was a lot of high quality, dark black grapes picked off the vines. This has created a sensational 2019 vintage for our Silver Spoon Estate Wine Lovers of our big, chocolate, spicy shiraz wines.

A Note about this wine from the Winemakers – Peter and Tracie:
A family decision was made to put our 2019 Monster Shiraz into our premium wine range this year for it is an exceptional and outstanding wine without a doubt. During our 3 day blending sessions with our Blending Consultant in December 2020, it was identified that there were some exceptional shiraz wines made and there were over 8 vessels earmarked for our premium Hallmark Shiraz.

As winemakers and understanding our customers wine tastes over the years, we decided to utilize all the wine identified for the 2019 premium Hallmark shiraz and blend it with the wines characterized for the 2019 Monster Shiraz and 2019 East meets West Shiraz. This decision allowed us to have many more cases of our customers’ favourite Shiraz wines for now and in the future


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